Saturday, 2 May 2015

Time For A Change

I took the plunge and decided that I was going to have a change for my hair, not a major life changing one. (one step at a time) I have been wanting to do this for awhile now but never plucked up the courage, but Summer is on its way so it's a perfect time to give it a go.
Another reason I decided I wanted to go lighter was because my daughter Melissa, has got light hair and big blue eyes, so people don't think we are related, let alone that I am her mother. 
I used to have blonde through my hair when I was younger, I used to do it myself, back then when I was young and carefree. I wouldn't dare do it myself now, how times changes or maybe I've just got old! 

I have decided to go for a Ombre look. The reason, well for one it is quite easy to maintain as you don't have to keep going to the hairdressers to keep up with your roots growing. The second is that does look like a natural sun kissed look, a bit effortless (that's the hope)

It took about 2 Hours in the hairdressers, which I didn't mind, in fact it was nice to be able to have some 'me' time and a chance to relax, read some magazines and drink a cup of tea. 

It has taken me some time to get used to it, and a lot of talking myself out of dying my hair back dark.
Especially when I had a phone call from my Dad after sending him an image saying, "is it meant to be only the bottom bit dyed?' to which I replied "No Dad, I couldn't afford all of it done at once, so asked for them to do the bottom part first!" Dads hey!! 

Hope you're having a lovely day!



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