Monday, 27 June 2016

A Little Trip to Salcombe

Last week the Family and I had a little day trip to Salcombe, a beautiful little part of the country in Devon. It is such a stunning place, so tranquil and charming. Lucky for me it's about an hour away from where my Dad lives, so it's somewhere I can spend the day when I'm visiting him.

We found this little beach called, North Beach and you had to be some what of a confident driver to get there, narrow roads that could only fit one car at time, really tested my driving skills and my deodorant!! When we arrived I was so pleased to see that the panic driving had been worth it. 

Just off the road was a little cafe called "The Winking Prawn" which was full of families enjoying the sunshine sat outside having a drink or food. So full in fact that there was no room for us, which wasn't a bad thing as Alfie was with us and we were happy to go inside and enjoy the shade. 

I loved the Deco, the tables had cute little flowers in mini glass vases and the walls were full of signs and pictures. Everywhere I looked there was something sweet to look at. 
For Lunch, I had a BLT, Stephen had a Chicken salad with a mango dressing, and Melissa had a lovely egg sandwich but we also all shared a cheeky potion of yummy chips.


It's definitely somewhere i'll be visiting again, once I pluck up the courage again to do the drive down there!


Sarah Jane

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