Thursday, 16 June 2016

How I Clean My Make Up Brushes & Beauty Sponge

The other day I looked in the mirror and noticed that my skin was breaking out in a lot of spots, just before a holiday too, Nightmare! It was then I got thinking what might be the cause. Stress, tiredness diet, hormones, yes probably a mixture to all of them, but then I looked at where all the spots were and that's when I knew it could be down to something else. Yes my make up brushes. The spots were right where I put my bronzer on my face to contour. I suddenly realised that it might have been a while since I last got the chance to give my brushes a really good clean, and boy, did they need a clean.

Now, don't get me wrong i'm normally quite good at remembering to clean them but having a new born baby i'm lucky if I manage to get out the house with freshly cleaned hair, let alone cleaning my make up brushes. When I was younger, cleaning my brushes was never at the top of my to do list, that was until i cleaning them one night and saw the amount of make up that was coming off the brushes- Eww! I thought, I would never put make up on with dirty hands, so why am I putting it on with dirty brushes. From that moment on, I really try to make sure I don't go too long before taking them to the brush salon, AKA my bathroom.

All you need to give them a good clean is Baby Shampoo. It's delicate enough for the hairs and it is
also sensitive enough for using the brushes on your face afterwards.

Simply pour a little amount into the palm of your hand a slowly and softly start massaging your  brushed into your hand and the shampoo. Repeat until the water runs clean.

With your Beauty Blender, rinse under cold water until it's completely wet, then put a small amount of shampoo onto to it and then massage the shampoo making sure you rinse it all out by squeezing. You will have to repeat this a couple of times as the product soaks through to the middle. 

So as you can see from the image, apart from the fact it's a little worn, as it's my favourite little make up tool, it looks and feels brand new after its little bath.
If you keep on top it, like I try to it doesn't take long to clean them and your skin will really thank you to!

Hope this helps. Do you have any tips on how you clean your make up brushes, if so I'd love to know.




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